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"Here's Your Chance To Be Part
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You donít even need a website, you just need to be able to send an email out to your contacts, friends with a special link (we will give you) and you can earn money if someone clicks on that link and then purchases a book!


It really is that easy!! (ANYBODY can do it)

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What is an affiliate?

  • An affiliate is a person who simply places a link or banner we supply you on your websites, blogs, newsletters, Facebook page, MySpace page even an email you may send out.
  • Then best of all, anytime someone responds to one of these advertising techniques, they will be tracked and you will receive 25% commission from our book (plus, a 10% commission on referred sales from your 2nd Tier sub-affiliates)!
  • You can use our articles to give away interesting content for free or to draw traffic to your website
  • When you join our amazing affiliate program, thereís no product creation, no carrying product inventory, no shipping to customers, no accepting payments and no having to provide customer service. All you have to do is promote our products using our links and logos, emails and banners


  • Why are we giving you money?  This is like a form of advertising, we would prefer to get out books out their to your contacts  and pay you for it. Simple.
  • Are their any fees? There is NO FEES and you can cancel at ANY time FREE.
  • What are 2nd Tier affiliates?  These are people who decide to promote these products from clicking on your link)
  • What is this book about ? Please Mum, Donít Supersize Me,Ē is jam-packed withtruckloads of useful information, tips and amazing strategies! Everything readers need to improve the health of their families!
  • Has this been featured on any media? This book has been recently featured on many media streams including TV some including  - A Current Affair, Today Show, radio some including 2GB Alan Jones Breakfast show, magazines such as ew Idea and newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald . Just check out some of the media this amazing book is getting
  • What do I have to do to get started? Just follow the steps process:

Step 1: We will provide you with a referral link and your choice of attractive banner ads as well as effective articles, email promotions, text links and a list of popular keywords. Use as many or as few of these tools as you like.

Step 2: As an affiliate member, your visitors, friends or contacts who click on one of our special links you will be given will be tracked and you will get a 25% on the hard copy of the book on each and every one who buys Please Mum Donít Supersize Me.

Step 3: Ready to sign up now?

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Our Affiliate Program Offers Enormous 
Passive Income Potential!

Hereís 10 advantages of our affiliate program

  1. Itís FREE to join
  2. You earn a 25% (AUS $) commission on each sale you refer Ö Plus, an additional 10% commission on referred sales from your 2nd Tier sub-affiliates on the hard copy book!
  3. You receive unlimited access to our comprehensive affiliate toolkit which includes all of the following which you may use as much as you want for FREE:
    • Digital product photos
    • Product reviews
    • Attention-grabbing banner ads
    • Interesting articles
    • Direct mail and online sales letters
    • Pop-up scripts
    • And much more!
  4. You can check your up-to-the-minute stats online, 24/7
  5. Payments are consistently made like clockwork every two weeks via a third party.
  6. We offer high quality, in-demand products Ė including our popular ďPlease Mum, Donít Supersize Me!Ē book
  7. Ready-to-go marketing materials and promotional tools, such as digital graphics, text links and emails Ö so all you have to do is copy and paste to start generating HUGEcash profits!
  8. Our state-of-the-art, cutting-edge tracking system ensures youíll get paid even if a customer you refer comes back and buys 5 or even 10 years from now!
  9. All you do is send us traffic and count your commissions, we take care of all the hassle work, like order handling and fulfillment, shipping, customer service and more!   
  10. Plus, you can count on receiving industry leading support Ė atl our affiliates are very important to us and we will work closely with you to ensure your success. After all, your success is our success, too!

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Remember, itís FREE to join and you can cancel at anytime! 

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If you have any questions or you need further banners or a special report created for your clients about this amazing book please email Richard & Joey and their team

If you are already an affiliate and just want to login click here


Looking After your health

Richard & Joey Marc